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Helping protect Indigenous land in South Australia with carbon offset support

After conducting a carbon footprint assessment of the Communications Meeting earlier this year, COLAS SA found that approximately 62.45 metric tons of CO2 were emitted.


To offset this environmental impact, COLAS supported South Pole’s leading climate action projects through its EcoAustralia initiative. This initiative involves the Mount Sandy Conservation project. Launched in August 2019, this project is located on the Limestone Coast in South Australia and is situated on the traditional lands of the Ngarrindjeri people, the Traditional Custodians of the Coorong.

The Mount Sandy Conservation project ensures permanent protection for a regionally and culturally important pocket of deeply biodiverse land where local native flora and fauna can remain undisturbed. Native plants for revegetation actions are supplied by the local nursery at Raukkan Aboriginal Community, a self-governed Indigenous community located 50 kilometres northwest of the project site. Raukkan community members are also employed for onsite works including vegetation monitoring and mapping, fencing, and pest and weed control.

This initiative has truly brought our Group values of Caring, Sharing and Daring to life.

Published: Wed 20 December 2023