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AfPA State Industry Awards


From this year’s AfPA State Industry Awards, we are proud to have been presented an inspiring total of 4 awards from the Outstanding Project categories;

🏆 WA – Outstanding Project greater than $10m
Midwest Gascoyne Reseal Contract

🏆 QLD – Outstanding Project greater than $10m
TMR Project CN-16789 Caloundra Road Rehabilitation

🏆 NSW – Outstanding Project less than $10m
Western Sydney Airport

🏆 VIC – Outstanding Project less than $10m
Bituminous Slurry Surfacing in Grampians Region

With two sealing projects, one asphalt project, and one microsurfacing project recognised, these awards mark our dedication to delivering a wide range of quality asphalt and bituminous services to our clients all across Australia.
We are incredibly proud of our people who have worked tirelessly to achieve these outstanding results.

The Midwest Gascoyne Reseal Contract demonstrates a pioneering approach to road enhancement. Focused on Western Australia’s rural roads, the project integrated geofabric resealing with crumb rubber spray sealing for improved durability. Through the seamless integration of advanced geofabric resealing techniques with crumb rubber spray sealing, the project achieved remarkable road enhancements. Demonstrating a dedication to precision, the team adeptly combined crumb rubber modified bitumen, geofabric reinforcement, and layered aggregates, resulting in extended road life, by preserving the structural integrity, skid resistance, and deformation resistance of the pavement.

Our success continued in QLD with the Caloundra Road Rehabilitation project. Our collaborative approach with TMR led to cost-effective, efficient, and high-quality results. Safety improvements included upgraded gully pits and thorough traffic management. Productivity constraints were addressed through advanced design processes and technology like warm-mix asphalt. Our works resulted in safer, quieter, and durable roads, with minimal disruptions to businesses and residents during construction.

We significantly contributed to the Western Sydney Airport project with our spray seal application, enhancing pavement durability, waterproofing, and dust reduction. We efficiently managed a large-scale project, ensuring quality and consistency across our operations. Our team’s impressive work ethic led to high daily outputs, with over 1,800,000 square meters sealed in just over 75 shifts. Our commitment to safety innovation involved camera systems installed on our trucks to identify and monitor vehicle risks. We also supported diversity and inclusion targets, benefiting the community through job creation and cost-effective solutions.

Last but not least, our Bituminous Slurry Surfacing project in the Grampians Region of VIC showcased our planning capability, stringent quality control, and the use of high-quality materials. Like always, this project prioritised safety, recording zero incidents and non-conformance reports. The project also introduced quantity control improvements with innovative machinery, promoting efficiency and minimising disruptions. Positive interactions with the client, community, and on-site teams ensured on-time and on-budget delivery. Notably, the project improved road quality, rideability, and community satisfaction through sustainable practices and minimal disruptions.

As we celebrate these achievements, we remain focused on continuously improving our processes and technologies to exceed expectations. We thank our clients and partners for their trust and support, which has been instrumental in our success.


Published: Wed 20 September 2023