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Acquisition of Dust-A-Side Australia!

We’re thrilled to announce our latest venture – the acquisition of Dust-A-Side Australia!

This powerful collaboration expands the range of the COLAS Australia Group’s road service offerings into a new space within Australia’s transport infrastructure sector.

Dust control management is crucial when using haul and mine roads, as proper and consistent dust control provides lasting improvements to air quality, breathability, and visibility, resulting in improved worker health and safety conditions.

Importantly, dust treatment plans prevent operational activity from affecting the surrounding environment of a site, minimising ecological impact.

Additionally, treating haul and access roads helps mitigate downtime and slippery surfaces, overall road maintenance and repair costs, improving operational efficiency and profit.

Our strategic connection will enable Dust-A-Side Australia to leverage our in-house manufacturing facilities, operational scale, and technical expertise, while we welcome a wider range of services with a focus on improved worker health and safety, operational efficiency, and sustainability.

As we combine the strengths of Dust-A-Side Australia and COLAS Australia Group, we improve our ability to Open The Way to excellence in local road transport infrastructure.



Published: Wed 22 November 2023