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The Rockingham Coastal Sharks

COLAS Western Australia are very proud of our association and sponsorship of The Rockingham Coastal Sharks. The Sharks are a community-based rugby league club offering first-class sports participation for juniors, seniors, girls and boys from 6 year old’s to senior WA state competition level. As a rugby league club, the Sharks strive to promote the club and the game to the southern Perth metro region with participation and sporting competition for all.

The Sharks’ emblem is a reflection of the coastal locality south of Perth where the clubs resides. The emblem was borrowed, and altered slightly, from the American National League team, the New Jersey Sharks. Rockingham RLC won the junior club championships in 2002/5/6/7/8, the last four years as the Coast Sharks. Thereafter, the rebranded Sharks made the semi-finals in all grades in their first year. In the second year they made the reserves ggrand final.

Two of the CWA Supervisors are key players for the Sharks and turn out as regularly as the arduous WA spraying season can afford? Naturally, when the opportunity presents, the CWA team can be found roaring the lads on from the grandstand!

Published: Sat 01 December 2018