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Assisting the Driving Public and Workers on Job Sites in Time of Need

Sometimes our people in the field are called on to assist members of the public which requires them to go beyond their normal call of duty when the need arises. In a recent case Abdul Makil and his team from Caloundra were installing traffic loops on a job site and were working away from where the asphalt crew were paving. They were confronted by a distraught female driver who was being harassed by a male companion. They were able to diffuse the situation peacefully and called the police to take care of the matter. Well done to our team for showing compassion and for handling a very delicate situation involving members of the public whilst on a work site in such a professional way.

Another incident which occurred on a job site in November also averted serious consequences had it not been for the prompt action of the COLAS crew. Our North Coast spray sealing crew possibly saved the life of a traffic controller reported on the radio that he had been bitten by a snake on his lower leg. All work was stopped so that the crew could attend to the traffic controller’s needs.

An ambulance was called while the crew members applied a first aid pressure bandage to the infected area. The victim was admitted to Tamworth hospital and released the following day. He has since shown on adverse health effects and has been cleared to return to work.

Thanks to Andrew Meggatt’s North Coast crew for responding so quickly and administering first aid to a fellow worker. Your actions certainly went a long way to saving him from any disastrous consequences that could have arisen out of the incident.

Published: Wed 01 December 2021