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I-Brid asphalt demonstration trial undertaken by VDoT

Following on the successful paving of the main apron at Bundaberg Airport in June last year with IBrid Asphalt, the Victorian Department of Transport were keen to trial IBrid Asphalt on their road network. To this end 540 tonnes of IBrid modified asphalt was produced and paved by Centre State Asphalt on Kangaroo Flat in Bendigo.

The 25 tonnes of IBrid binder was blended at SAMI’s Laverton plant and transported to Centre State Asphalt’s plant in Maryborough where the asphalt was produced. The asphalt was transported for one hour and paved during the night of 17 March. The IBrid asphalt has been placed alongside A10E modified asphalt which is currently being paved on the same section of the highway. The performance of the IBrid Asphalt will be monitored against the A10E asphalt under the heavy traffic over time.

The development of IBrid binder is the outcome of a collaborate research project undertaken by SAMI and RMIT under the guidance of Dr Filippo Giustozzi. The main purpose of the research was to develop an improved binder that better suited Australia’s harsh weather conditions. Specifically, the aim was to provide maximum rut resistance at high road temperatures and high flexibility at low temperatures in asphalt mixes containing I-Brid binder.
The providers of the binder and asphalt are grateful to VDoT for allowing them to demonstrate the performance of this new product on their road network which hopefully will provide a longer service life than the current modified asphalt.


Published: Mon 19 April 2021