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COLAS NSW awarded reseal of Runway 04/22

COLAS NSW was awarded the reseal of Runway 04/22, for the Parkes Regional Airport, by Parkes Shire Council, approximately 340km east of Sydney. The 30m wide runway had to be resealed with a single coat of 10mm nominal aggregate size, which included 1m into the shoulders to cover multiple existing seal edges and to 45m width through the intersection of the cross runway and the intersection of taxiways. A total 52,000m2 area had to be resealed within a 2-day weekend time frame, at the end of January 2020. COLAS had to utilize 6 multi-tyre rollers to achieve adequate orientation of the 10mm aggregate onto its average least dimension to avoid the risk of foreign object debris (FOD). Working as a team, together with the client, a specialist airport consultant and our dedicated suppliers, COLAS NSW delivered a successful project on time to the client, enabling them to obtain CASA compliance.

Published: Thu 16 April 2020